Welcome to Rhyme & Reason.

Welcome to Rhyme & Reason.  Story is our lifeblood. It's what excites us, both in the listening and the telling. We are dedicated to telling compelling stories-- the stories that break silence, stories that fill a need, stories that compel and stories that build bridges and connect.

We are artists dedicated to storytelling by creating engaging visual content that connects businesses, organizations, authors, and causes to their audiences.  We believe your voice matters, and we want to help you through in the process from vision and creative development to script writing to film production and photography.

If you are interested in letting us tell your story, please introduce yourself or browse our work.


Zach Read

Zach is a director, cinematographer, and editor. 

For him, film is the most compelling way of communicating a message or emotion, in a way that's lasting, palpable and authentic.

His love and passion for visual storytelling has taken him to Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Romania, and many more places around the globe. He has filmed and produced everything from music videos, brand films, commercials, documentaries and short films.

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Lexi Behrndt

Lexi is a writer, photographer, producer, and the vision side behind the team.

She is passionate about moments, about memories, about preserving the emotions and heart in each situation-- because she knows the truth-- that these moments are fleeting and each moment possesses immeasurable worth (even the seemingly ordinary/mundane/unpolished ones).

As a photographer and producer, she wants to capture you the real story, the moments, and the heart of you, your organization, your business, and the message you most want to communicate.